Friday, August 17, 2007

Ask Jo: Working through Tough Salary Negotiations

Every month on the Anita Borg Institute's site, I will answer a new career or leadership question. In this first installment, a reader asked for suggestions for successful salary negotiations.

Question: I have been interviewing for a position for which I meet all qualifications. They gave a salary range and asked what my salary expectations are, and I successfully avoided answering. However in my last interview, they asked what I am currently paid, which is below the market rate. How can I negotiate to be paid what I am worth?

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Sharon said...

I wish I'd read that before I had to negotiate my own salary a few years ago. I was entering the photography team at an auction house and had only retail experience. This is a great way to keep the dance of salary negotiation.

They really shouldn't be basing what they offer to pay you based on your old job. After all, if you were happy at your old job you'd be staying there.


JobSearchNinja said...

One thing to remember is that salary ranges are all very well, but the key to maximizing your compensation is about clearly demonstrating the benefits that you can bring to an organization. A well-documented performance which provides a prospective employer with quantitative results and shows him how you solved problems or accomplished tasks is pretty tough to argue with!