Thursday, July 26, 2007

Women at Intel Conference: 6 Ways to Get Ahead

The Anita Borg Institute's blog features a write-up on the program I delivered yesterday at Intel. It was standing-room only as 150 women came to learn about Influencing Without Authority.

"Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Santa Clara Women at Intel Conference 2007 where I met some smart, well-educated, and successful women in all sorts of engineering, computer science, and programming fields.

Speaking at one of the sessions was Jo Miller, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, a firm that specializes in helping women succeed in industries that have been traditionally male-dominated, such as technology, finance, and energy. Her discussion, entitled “Influencing without Authority,” explored ways to gain credibility, get buy-in for ideas, and create a larger impact."

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

5 Attributes of Women Who Get Promoted

At Women's Leadership Coaching, we have been closely studying a recent abundance of client promotions, in order to delve more deeply into the mindset of women who have taken charge of their career path, actively sought out a promotion - and won!

(And congratulations to all of you, ladies!)

We are now able to share some lessons learned from our project to 'reverse engineer' what it really takes to get promoted.But beware- stepping into the mindset of a promotable woman is not for the meek.

I won't hold back on the tough news. The biggest obstacle may in fact be:


The following checklist of 5 attributes will help you to assess your current promotability.

1. Do you think of all the reasons why you are not being recognized?
Are you crafting a document and soundbytes that showcase your strengths and accomplishments?

2. Do you take on low visibility projects and administrative tasks that you can easily handle and have trouble saying no to people?
Are you asking yourself "what am I willing to step in and take the lead on"?

3. When your organization goes through change, disruptive challenges, or layoffs, is your response to lie low and become the 'invisible employee'?
Do you seize this opportunity to demonstrate leadership? Leadership character is actually revealed during trying times.

4. Does your fear of making mistakes lead to procrastination and difficulty making decisions?
Do you look for doors of opportunity that may be open to you, to decisively step up and demonstrate your leadership skills?

5. So you haven't been promoted. Do you allow yourself to believe you are experiencing the "golden handcuffs" syndrome?
Do you decide that your time is NOW, create a compelling business case, and 'seed' it through your entire sphere of influence?

Welcome to the mindset of a promotable woman! For more in-depth, tactical information on how to implement the above strategies, as well as stories from women who have successfully negotiated their own promotion, join us for a no-cost teleclass.