Sunday, October 21, 2007

Become an Everyday Visionary

OK, so it's probably too late to reboot your career and begin again as an analyst, but you can weave Sallie Krawcheck's advice into any job.

Next time you need to give a status update or report on results, don't just present the data -- make decisions with that information -- even if the information is imperfect.

Take your presentation one step further. Engage your inner visionary, and:

- Draw conclusions
- Describe why it is relevant in the broader context of the business
- Link your findings to current trends, or business strategy
- Make decisions
- Make predictions
- Assert your recommendations, and
- Put forward PROPOSALS.

Pitch Proposals, and Pitch Yourself Too
Are you ready to take on a bigger role? Make proposals, and do it often.

Make a habit of putting forward your ideas, solutions, or value-add projects. Get used to finishing every presentation with:"My proposal is that we... a, b, c".

But don't just pitch your proposals -- remember to pitch yourself too! Let them know you are the ideal person to lead the charge. Too often I hear women describe how they suggested a great idea, but forgot to pitch themselves as the person to lead the initiative. Someone else assumed the idea was up for grabs, and took the lead role on the initiative.

Complete your proposal by stating why you are the best person for the job:"I am uniquely qualified to lead this initiative because... a, b, c".

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