Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This Month Learn New Skills for Navigating Office Politics

By Jo Miller

What if you really, really don’t like dealing with office politics? Would it help to know that you’re not alone?

Dealing with office politics can be difficult and frustrating. In LinkedIn’s 2013 survey of 954 professional women, 23% reported that their biggest work frustration was office politics.

But you can’t afford to ignore it, because politically savvy people do better in their careers:

by the Center for Creative Leadership showed that those who are politically savvy have better career prospects, better career trajectories, and are seen as more promotable.

Thats why we are devoting the month of February to helping you develop the skill of positivepolitical savvy. Because as one of my twitter buddies, Karen Clark put it, You can't opt out — you have to learn to navigate.

Read more about how to build positive skills for navigating office politics effectively:
And join me, live on February 25 for the 2014 kick-off to our Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series: Win at the Game of Office Politics.

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