Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Emerging Leader Spotlight: Christina Roberts.

 Turn yourself into a knowledge base – a go-to person.” 
- Christina Roberts.

Name: Christina Roberts, MBA
Company: Siemens Energy

Current title:
Business Improvement, Project Management, Wind Power; Chair of the Women’s Information Network
Favorite quote: Dress the part you want to be.

What is your leadership style?
I consider my leadership style to be very open and all inclusive in the way I work. I am a planner and try to be detail oriented so I take the time to review tasks and delegate when the task fits. I think most people, on all the teams I participate on or lead, are very comfortable approaching me and asking for whatever they need and I think it is important to support one another in this way.
“... Find a sponsor or champion... and make sure
you pay it forward.
What are some top tips you can recommend to other women who want to be recognized as a high potential emerging leader?
I think being educated is key. I’m the biggest proponent of education and not just in the academic sense.  Take the time to obtain your degree or an advanced degree, do not pass up training opportunities and learn other aspects of the business outside of your daily job. Shadow someone if you can, and turn yourself into a knowledge base – a go-to person.

Find a “sponsor or champion.” Mentors are key and wonderful to have but work on cultivating that into a stronger relationship where they also become your cheerleader. They will help find opportunities to throw your name out when possible and getting you some recognition. Also, make sure you pay it forward and do the same for someone else when you are in a position to do so.


“... it is important to know who you are working with and what is going on around you.”

What tools or resources have you used that have been crucial to your success?
I have an amazing manager and she has been an awesome resource in supporting my development and allowing me to grow and advance. I also have an external mentor and champion who I talk with regularly to get different perspectives on all things, not just work. These two resources are also great friends of mine and they are extremely supportive of my personal and professional successes. I value their opinion and guidance.

I have set up a strong network within Siemens, from all areas of our business. If I see someone new in the hallway, I take the time to stop them and introduce myself and find out who they are.  I feel it is important to know who you are working with and what is going on around you. All of these people could be or already are a valuable resource and I try to make sure I am a resource for others.

What steps are you currently taking to improve yourself, professionally?

Currently, I am working on some Six Sigma projects and I have just recently finished my Green Belt training. I have already completed a LEAN project and I am leading a Green Belt project to help my organization, hopefully, save a lot of money by making continuous improvements. My Green Belt project started out as a focus on the United States region but now it has expanded its reach globally to several of our other businesses in other regions.

Over the past year I have also been able to take on a larger role in Siemens Wind Power’s global community by acting as a representative for my Division’s project management department on several global projects. I enjoy traveling and love having the opportunity to work on more complex global projects. These new challenges are definitely giving me the opportunity to develop new skills and polish my current skill set.

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