Thursday, February 23, 2012

Emerging Leader Spotlight: Nicole Doebert, Marketing Strategist, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Name: Nicole Doebert
Title: Marketing Strategist
Company: Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

Favorite quotes:

“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.”

—Beverly Sills

“Don’t block the blessings.”

—Patti LaBelle

What is your leadership style?
I lead very collaboratively. Relationship building is my number-one strength. I love people, and I try to acknowledge others as people first, professionals second. I believe in inspiring trust in others by always, always, always doing what I say I will do. And I also believe in trusting others to do the same. So I do my best to lead with trust, support, and a little fun thrown in. I love to laugh!

What tools or resources have you used that have been crucial to your success?
One thing that has really helped me in my career development is using tools to help me identify my “sweet spot” or unique ability. It means that I’ve taken a hard look at what I’m great at, what I love doing, and what my organization needs. And I try to find ways to work in that place, rather than doing things outside of that. It’s not always possible, of course, but by trying to work in that sweet spot it lets me succeed and helps the company.

I also find great value in tools like the Kolbe A Index and Strengthsfinder 2.0. Knowing your strengths, your innate style, yourself, really, helps you also know how to relate to others. By knowing who you are and what you need to work well, it’s easier to then be able to know how to work in ways that support the needs of others.

What steps are you taking to improve yourself professionally?
I’m the chair of our Thrivent Women’s Leadership Network. In that role, I am amazed, delighted, honored, and humbled to work with fantastically talented women throughout our organization. Being able to connect and network with these women helps me increase my business acumen, learn through their examples and share in a support system where we all help each other be better leaders—and people.

I also continually take on stretch assignments that will let me work cross-functionally in the organization and that will let me learn new skills and lead teams. There’s always that hint of fear taking on things like that—leaping into the unknown and pushing yourself beyond what you think you might be capable of. But I’m grateful that I’ve had good opportunities and leaders willing to coach me and help me learn. Sometimes I surprise even myself!

What is the next step you plan to take to develop your leadership skills?
I would like to find a mentor. I am blessed to have many informal mentors who help me when I have questions or need coaching and support. But I think creating a more formal mentorship with someone could help me advance to the next stage of leadership. I think having someone with a more external perspective could be a real benefit.

What are some top tips for other women who want to be recognized as a high-potential emerging leader?
Network, network, network. Make connections and build relationships with people inside your organization and within your community. Take leadership roles on divisional projects, organizational committees, or non-profit boards. Take advantage of opportunities to present your work to leadership teams
and put your name on any presentations of results for your projects. Be a resource for those looking to learn more about what you’re doing—and give them a reason to want to talk to you! You need to deliver results to be recognized as an emerging leader.

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