Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 Resolutions Every Woman Should Make for 2010

1. Become more influential
Build your ability to influence, persuade, and motivate others, regardless of whether you have a management job title. Influencing Without Authority >>

2. Seek management’s buy-in for a new idea
Take a great technical idea, and sell it to your senior management by partnering with others to build credibility. Selling your technical idea to management >>

3. Don’t let others steal your ideas
Pitch persuasive proposals, and pitch yourself too, to get credit for your work. Getting Credit for Your Ideas >>

4. Learn to delegate effectively
Manage the work performance of others, without hovering about like a micro-manager. How Do I Delegate without Micromanaging >>

5. Build an influential network
You don’t need to be a “shmoozer” to be a good networker, when you include these five key types of people. Five Key People You Need in Your Network >>

6. Ask your role models for mentoring
Approach role models you admire, and engage them as mentors. Mentoring >>

7. Get training without spending money
Find creative ways to learn and get professional development when your company does not have funds available. Funds are not available for training >>

8. Make your accomplishments visible
Promote your accomplishments in ways that don’t leave you feeling sleazy. Learning the Fine Art of Self Promotion >>

9. Figure out what you want to be “when you grow up”
Identify an ideal career niche by understanding three essential elements to a successful and satisfying career. How Do I Find My Niche >>

10. Throw your hat in the ring for a promotion
Reinvent yourself as a candidate for promotion, by working smarter, not harder. Four Ways to Ensure You’re Promoted >>

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