Monday, March 9, 2009

Summary from "Becoming a Person of Influence" HR Skill Enrichment Workshop

By Cristina Gomez, President/Founder, Advantage Personnel Inc.

Thank you to those who attended our HR Skill Enrichment Workshop, "Becoming a Person of Influence", presented by Jo Miller, CEO of Women's Leadership Coaching.

We hope you had a great week applying many of the principals Jo taught us. In case life is taking over, here is a brief reminder the principals we learned together.

What did we learn?

* Our own behavior teaches other people how to treat us.

* Remember to be visible, be proactive in connecting with others rather than waiting.

* Don't think that accomplishment alone will get one promoted and respected.

* Focus on developing relationships utilizing our body of knowledge.

* Develop a 30 second commercial pointing out our area of responsibility.

* Always mention my area of expertise and offer to help.

* Convey confidence - whether you feel it or not. Remember confidence is perceived as competent.

* Speak directly -- not too tentatively, not too forcefully. Eliminate tag questions like "don't you think?"

* Be aware of the influence your title carries but don't stop there.

* Remember influence takes time, so start today!

* Don't let opportunities pass you by thinking showing up is enough.

* Volunteer to present at meetings, promote your skills.

* Remember "Establishing relationships is the grand-daddy of influence".

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