Friday, June 29, 2007

Free Teleclass: What does it really take, to get promoted?

Since her recent 'aha moment', Leslie Scida has been closely studying her abundance of client promotions, in order to delve more deeply into the mindset of women who have taken charge of their career path, actively sought out a promotion… and won!

Join us for a free teleconference where I interview Leslie Scida about her findings, including:

1. THE PITFALLS: What factors do women typically overlook, that hold them back from getting promoted.

2. THE AHA MOMENTS: What new insights do Leslie’s clients gain in their coaching sessions, to break through and get recognized for promotion?

3. THE ACTION STEPS: What accountabilities did they take on, that resulted in success?

Date: Thursday, July 19
Time: 8pm EDT, 7pm CDT, 6pm MDT, 5pm PDT (for 1 hour)

There will be a forum for Leslie to address your questions.

There is no charge for this teleconference (we like to ‘give back’ in support of our mission to increase the number of women leaders globally), but you must pre-register.

Click here for more information on the class, and to register.

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