Friday, February 21, 2014

8 reasons to join us for the February 25 kickoff to the Emerging Women Leaders Webinar series

Jo Miller, CEO, Women's Leadership Coaching, Inc.
Will you join us for the Tuesday, February 25 kickoff to our 2014 Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series?

Here are 8 reasons to register now for the year-long, six-part series:

 • Reason #1: Learn new skills for handling office politics in a positive, effective way.

 • Reason #2: Hear seasoned women leaders share their secrets for leading and advancing.

 • Reason #3: Build an influential network that supports your career goals.

 • Reason #4: Stand out and add value to your company by being entrepreneurial.

 • Reason #5: Skillfully resolve tricky management situations.

 • Reason #6: Keep yourself and others motivated and engaged at work.

 • Reason #7: Energize your workplace women’s initiative.

 • Reason #8: Get instant access to more than 35 past webinars on career advancement and leadership.

 • Bonus reason! Low-cost leadership training for your women’s network.

Don’t miss the kickoff webinar, Win at the Game of Office Politics on February 25.

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