Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Poised for Leadership workshop: 9 shots of leadership inspiration

Are you in the San Francisco bay area? Have you ever wondered what it really takes to get promoted? If so, you are invited to join me in Milpitas, on March 3 at Poised for Leadership, a one-day workshop for women who want to create a roadmap into positions of responsibility, influence and leadership.

Register now, and discover what it really takes to break through into leadership, including how to:

  • Project a seasoned, credible leadership presence

  • Gain visibility and reward for your accomplishments

  • Build a reputation as a leader, expert or go-to person

  • Understand the dynamics of power in your organization

  • Navigate organizational politics with savvy

  • Build an influential network

  • Leverage your network to gain access to hidden resources, information and opportunities

  • Cultivate influence and get “buy-in” for ideas and initiatives

  • Create, envision and lead high-profile projects.

A past participant recently said:

"... Over the last year I've been listening to all your 1 hour webinars over the phone and then attended the Poised for Leadership seminar which took all the 1 hour seminars over the months and brought it all together for me. After the webinars I started putting effort into the things I learned during those seminars and this month I was promoted to Senior Manager. Over the last year I've also created a name for myself amongst the Exec's. I think you start by having to work really hard in showing your worth but once someone else sees it they start spreading the word for you so it gets easier as you have more people spreading the word for you."

To learn how to integrate these skills into your daily work-life, join me for Poised for Leadership, a 1-day workshop for women who want to break into positions of responsibility, influence and leadership in business.

Register or learn more at http://www.womensleadershipcoaching.com/pfl.htm

Jo Miller is CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching Inc. Through leadership workshops, coaching programs and webinars, Jo helps women create their roadmap into leadership positions in business.

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