Friday, August 27, 2010

Learn how to break into leadership, Orlando, September 17 2010

Join me on September 17 in Orlando for Poised for Leadership, and discover what it takes to break into leadership.

Poised for Leadership is a one-day workshop for women who want to create a roadmap into positions of responsibility, influence and leadership.

Register now, to discover what it really takes for you to break through into leadership. You will learn how to:

* Project a seasoned, credible leadership presence
* Gain visibility and reward for your accomplishments
* Build a reputation as a leader, expert or go-to person
* Understand the dynamics of power in your organization
* Navigate organizational politics with savvy
* Build an influential network
* Leverage your network to gain access to hidden resources, information and opportunities
* Cultivate influence and get buy-in for ideas and initiatives
* Create, envision and lead high-profile projects.

Poised for Leadership is receiving rave reviews from women across the US and Canada. One 2009 participant wrote:

"... a month ago I was promoted to a Senior Manager position, three months after attending Poised for Leadership. The takeaways from the workshop have tangibly accelerated my career advancement. Thanks for offering such a valuable resource to women leaders."

September 17, 9:00am - 4:30pm
Symantec Corporation, 801 International Parkway, Heathrow, FL.
Sponsor: Symantec Corporation

Register now, for $259

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