Friday, May 7, 2010

Why women rock… the auto industry

By Cortney Ewald-Ihde, Director of Ewald Auto's Automotive Advantage Employee Perk Program.

Women are a powerful force in the automotive industry.

Not only do we buy over half of the new vehicles sold every year (54%), we influence up to 80% of all purchase decisions. This is on top of that fact that we account for 65% of service work done at dealerships. All in all we provide $200 billion dollars worth of buying power to the industry!
Not too shabby for us ladies, if I do say so myself!

Despite this massive buying power that we posses, we still only make up 8% of car salespeople across the country. A lot of this could explain why so often women feel the need to bring along a male “security blanket” to help them shop. Hopefully you do not fall into this category but, if you do, it is really not surprising at all.

The fact of the matter is that women shop and buy differently than men.

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