Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 ways to that show you are an up-and-coming leader

Have you ever wondered what it really takes, to get promoted?

A number of years ago I was speaking with a leader who I consider to be highly successful. By her mid-30’s she was managing a large business division. As I was asking her what steps she had taken to get there, she confided in me “I just wish there was a roadmap for women that described how to advance”.

It was such a great question, and since no-one seemed to have a clear answer, I made it my personal mission to understand the factors that set apart successful women leaders who have advanced into positions of responsibility and leadership in the corporate world.

Here’s what I discovered. In no particular order, here are nine things to do more of in order to be recognized as an up-and-coming leader who is poised to advance into positions of responsibility and leadership.

1) Project a seasoned, credible leadership presence

2) Gain visibility and reward for your accomplishments

3) Build a reputation as a leader, expert or go-to person

4) Understand the dynamics of power in your organization

5) Navigate organizational politics with savvy

6) Build your sphere of influence

7) Leverage your network to gain access to hidden resources, information and opportunities

8) Cultivate influence and get buy-in for ideas and initiatives

9) Create, envision and lead high-profile projects.

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