Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5 Women’s Leadership Blogs

In no particular order, here are five of my favorite women's leadership blogs.

TheGlassHammer provides commentary on news, social and political trends that affect women executives in financial services, law and business, as well as reporting on women’s conferences and events. Regular ‘Voice of Experience’ posts profile notable women leaders such as Colette Taylor, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Americas Institutional at Russell Investments and Lynn Tilton, CEO, Patriarch Partners.

Nina Simosko is a member of SAP’s Senior Executive team, heading up SAP’s system integrator partnerships globally as well as sharing management of SAP’s global Go To Market relationships. With all that responsibility and frequent travel, it’s incredible how prolific she is as a blogger. Her topic is leadership, often with a pop-culture twist as in posts about what leaders can learn from Conan and Leno, or Britney Spears, and a smattering of core leadership skills such as strategy, empathy and managing in a matrix.

Caroline Simard and Telle Whitney’s blog at Fast Company
Dr. Caroline Simard is Director of Research and Dr. Telle Whitney is President and CEO of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology. They co-author this blog, rich with examples of what it really takes to recruit, retain and advance women within the unique culture of Silicon Valley hi-tech companies. Recent posts feature what women technology executives say about the ‘hero culture’ in hi-tech companies, and from-the-trenches examples of how to retain top technical talent.

Future Women Leaders
A not-for-profit professional women's organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, FWL is led by a young, energetic leadership team. Their blog is frequently updated with their events and profiles of women leaders and up-and-comers.

The Center For Women’s Leadership, Babson College
Blog posts by the Center’s staff support their mission to ‘disseminate best practice for women's entrepreneurial leadership’, with take-aways from their executive education programs for women. They also profile authors and thought leaders on topics regarding women’s impact on the economy and participation in the workforce.

Enjoy! And please post a comment if there's a women in leadership blog you recommend.


Nina Simosko said...

Thank you Jo! Much appreciation for the comments and inclusion with such a great class of blogs!! And you know I love a couple of the others myself as well as participating in your webinars.

Megan B said...

Jo, it's great to see Future Women Leaders included on this fantastic list of women's leadership blogs. Appreciate the shout out!

Cynthia Lauer said...

So gratifying to see Babson's Center for Women's Leadership including in this wonderful group of blogs. Look forward to continuing the connection and sharing ideas.

Melissa Anderson said...

Thanks for the Glass Hammer shout-out, Jo, and thanks for reading.