Sunday, March 1, 2009

A successful launch for the 2009 webinar series

Phew! By far our largest initiative to date, the 2009 Women's Leadership Webinar Series kicked off successfully with 269 log-ins, including numerous corporate groups of 2 to 50 co-workers.

Featured leader, Nina Simosko of SAP's senior executive team, called in from Heidelberg to share her advice on navigating office politics. We'll post answers shortly for the questions we didn't get to answer live. Thank you to everyone who emailed your feedback! Here's just a few:

Great way to start a new year! - Lisa

The webinar was great yesterday! - Denise

You both did an outstanding job today. It was a very impressive kick-off for the series. - Tia

We enjoyed today’s program very much. We had 25 attendees! - Janet

It was an inspiring presentation. Nina's accomplishments are most impressive. I love your affirming style highlighting her and participants experiences and contributions... Nina's self-assurance demonstrated how to interact, even in new settings, with grace and authenticity. - Audrey

It's not too late to register >>

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